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AlaskaJohn: John Pile Jr
John Pile Jr (AlaskaJohn) has been creating computer games since the early 90s. His first successful project (Search) was a PC game in which he attempted to recreate the gameplay implemented by Richard Garriet in Ultima IV.

Since then, John has gone on to develop a variety of other games based on his own designs ... from arcade style side-scrollers to 3D game worlds. Game platforms include PC (DirectX and OpenGL), Flash, PS2.

John has a BS degree in Mathematics (minor in Physics) from Fairmont State University. He spent 7 years as software developer for the University of Alaska, Office of Information Technology. In August of 2007 he began his graduate studies in Computer Games Technology at the University of Abertay Dundee.

John is currently employed as a games developer at Proper Games in Dundee, Scotland. Their latest title, Flock! is published by Capcom and is set to be released for PS3, Xbox360, and PC in April of 2009.

Dundee, Scotland (2008-2009)
Fairbanks, Alaska (2000-2008)
Egegik, Alaska (1996-1998)
Fairmont, West Virginia (1994-2000)
Orlando, Florida (1993-1994)
Albany, Westerna Australia (1991)
North Pole, Alaska (1980-1993
Peterstown, West Virginia (1974-1980)

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